Treo 800w to get Bluetooth Voice Dialing-soon

With the Treo 800w lacking a standard wired headset/headphone jack, users were a bit surprised (read: mad) to find that the voice commands theyd grown accustomed to on other (cheaper) Palm handsets werent functional over Bluetooth.

Fortunately, it seems that voice-enabled features were just a bit delayed, rather than completely omitted. From this page over at

Palm® Treo 800w Voice Dialing Over Bluetooth will be available soon as a download from this web page. Please return to this page in the coming days for the download and details

No word yet when the update should roll out hopefully in the coming days actually means what it implies.

Edit: Apparently, it meant We rolled it out yesterday, but havent updated this page yet. 800w users can get the update here.

[Via SlashPhone]